Painting - Oil painting - Snow landscape - Signed By Lars Swane - 1960s
Great condition

Item number: 577886

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This oil painting of a snowy landscape, signed by Lars Swane and created in the 1960s, is a beautiful example of Danish landscape art from this era. With its calm and evocative image of a winter landscape, the painting manages to capture the beauty and peace of the Nordic nature.

Swane's artistic talent and technical skill shine through in this painting, where he manages to create depth and atmosphere in the landscape with refined brushstrokes. The cold shades of blue and white create a feeling of coolness and calm, while the warm light from the sun casts long shadows over the snowy landscape.

The signature of Lars Swane adds an extra dimension of authenticity and value to the painting, and it provides a connection to the artist's identity and style. Swane was known for his ability to capture the beauty and mood of nature and this painting is an excellent example of his talent.

Dimensions: H:87.5cm W:77cm D:4cm

Great condition
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